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Elevating Financial Institutions with AviaryAI

AviaryAI Takes Flight: $3M seed round fuels AI platform launch for smarter financial service. Newly funded AviaryAI brings AI-powered voice agents and personalized engagement to banks, credit unions, and insurance. Boost sales, ensure compliance, and deepen member loyalty.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of AviaryAI - an AI platform built to transform sales and service for banks, credit unions, and insurance companies. This exciting milestone is fueled by a recent $3 million seed round raised by parent company Cambio.

Bridging the Gap: From Cambio to AviaryAI

AviaryAI grew out of Cambio, a consumer AI startup backed by the prestigious accelerator, Y-Combinator. We saw the transformative power of AI firsthand after developing a powerful LLM for our AI outbound debt negotiation assistant. This unique application of AI used natural conversation to help over 80,000 consumers resolve and lower their collections debt.

The success of our negotiation assistant quickly garnered attention across the wider financial services industry. This interest, along with our founder, Blesson Abraham's, 15 years of credit union experience ignited the spark for AviaryAI. He, along with our team, saw the immense potential of leveraging AI to empower financial institutions and elevate the member experience.

Taking Flight: Soaring with Voice Agents and Personalized Engagement

So, what is AviaryAI? Picture a team of friendly, helpful "voice agents," powered by our secure, private Large Language Models (LLMs), ready to engage with your members. At launch, these AI teammates will:

  • Drive personalized product recommendations: Proactively suggesting relevant products and services based on individual needs and financial goals.
  • Warm-welcome new members: Introducing new members to your credit union, answering basic questions, and setting the stage for a positive relationship.
  • Accelerate credit card activations: Automatically reminding new cardholders to activate their cards and even completing the activation over the phone.

But AviaryAI is more than just outbound calls. Today, our suite of LLMs can also:

  • Ensure voice agents are compliant and auditable: Through our independent Safety Models trained to ensure call transparency and flexible to adapt to an ever changing regulatory environment.
  • Automate complex interactions: Ensuring members are escalated properly and post-call workflows are initiated without adding to your team’s workload.

What’s next for AviaryAI

We're committed to evolving alongside your needs, enabling a more personalized experience for customers and members. At AviaryAI, we believe AI isn't about replacing human connection, but enhancing it.. Our technology allows your team to focus on what they do best: building genuine relationships and providing expert guidance. Ultimately, AviaryAI empowers you to shift from a product-centric approach to a relationship-centric model, fostering deeper connections and stronger member loyalty.

Ready to take flight with AviaryAI? We're eager to partner with banks, credit unions, and insurance companies who share our passion for innovation and member-centric service. Join us on this journey as we revolutionize the way financial institutions engage with their members.

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