Industry’s First AI Outbound Specialist For Credit Unions

Empower your staff with AI-powered outbound voice agents. Drive Revenue and elevate your member’s experience with truly human-like AI

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Automate Outbound Calls to Maximize Efficiency

Aviary’s human-like voice agents handle member outreach in the voice of your brand freeing up your team to focus their attention on more impactful initiatives.

Drive Non-Interest Income

Leverage powerful LLMs trained on thousands of top sales team call recordings enabling your team to increase conversion rates without lifting a finger.

Delight Your Members

Proactively serve members through conversational AI capable of sophisticated interaction leaving your members feeling valued and cared for.

Mitigate AI Risk

Monitor voice agent performance with independent LLMs designed to ensure calls are escalated properly and audited.
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Our Case Studies

This isn’t science fiction. See how AviaryAI is empowering teams just like yours.

Debt Protection Sales

After identifying a need to increase their volume of follow-up offers of debt protection, Encurage Financial Network was able to quickly deploy Aviary's Ancillary Product bot to drive non-interest income for their institution.

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Accelerating Card Activation

While examining their credit card onboarding processes, Envisant recognized their team could not make card activation reminders to match their pace of new card openings. With Aviary's Automated Card Activation Reminders, Envisant was able to significantly increase their member engagement without additional time investments.

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Why Aviary?

Deep Domain Expertise

Aviary boasts decades of credit union and tech expertise

Speed to ROI

Instantly save time and money with a sales team that never sleeps, trains itself, and always motivated to serving your members

Stay Ahead of The AI Curve

Extract value out of the latest AI breakthroughs as our AI team constantly improves our models.

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