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Edition 10: Venture Capital Bets Big on AI Voice

May 26 - June 01: Why the world's largest VCs are betting on AI Voice Agents, a credit union guide for safe and ethical AI implementation, a new study shows AI beats humans at financial analysis and how anyone can write powerful prompts in seconds and . All this and more in Edition 10 of the AviaryAI Newsletter.

Welcome to the AviaryAI Newsletter!

Thanks for joining us as we explore the intersection of GenAI and finance with practical learnings and the latest relevant insights. Let’s get started.

This week you’ll learn:

  • Why the world’s largest VCs are investing heavily into AI Voice Agents
  • New auto research/reporting tool by Perplexity and its impact on CUs
  • How anyone can write powerful prompts using new prompt generator
  • 10 questions to guide CU execs in responsible and effective AI
  • New study shows AI beats humans in financial analysis

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The coolest things we're watching and why you should care

Andreesen Horowitz (a16z), Explores AI Voice “Massive Opportunity” 
One of the largest VC firms, released a report on why they’re investing heavily into the AI Voice space. Their thesis depicts a future where tailored, AI voice interactions enhance business efficiencies and completely overhaul traditional customer engagement strategies. They even gave AviaryAI a shoutout, thanks a16z!

So what? 

This thesis closely matches our own beliefs at AviaryAI: By digitizing verbal communication, companies—especially financial services—are poised to achieve considerable cost savings, scalability, and improvements in customer service consistency and compliance
Read the full thesis here.

Automatic Research and Reporting unveiled by AI Search Leader, Perplexity
Perplexity's new "Pages" feature is capable of generating fully customized web pages based on simple user inputs. The platform harnesses Perplexity's AI-powered search technologies to compile, write, and present explored topics in various subjects ready to be shared online.

So what?
For credit unions, imagine compiling and presenting industry analyses and reports that are efficiently crafted and highly shareable. Executives and their teams could provide updated, insightful, and engaging content for both staff training and member communications. 
Learn more about Perplexity Pages here.

Anthropic Prompt Generator Makes it Easy To Write Powerful Prompts
Many struggle with the first step in using AI: writing a potent prompt that delivers results. Anthropic, creator of Claude, released a new prompt generation tool to easily write high quality that align closely with best practices. 

So what?
Many have struggled to realize the productivity gains possible with AI due to an unfamiliarity with prompt writing. Now, anyone can create effective prompts without the typical time and effort required to experiment.
Learn more and try it out here.


Boost your efficiency with these easy to follow templates 

Analyze a CSV and Generate Key Insights

With ChatGPT-4o, even free users can now upload CSV data and generate charts, insights, and even recommendations. See it in action first here or try it yourself below..

How to use this prompt:

  1. Copy and paste the template below into a ChatGPT (Make sure you're using GPT-4o)
  2. Attach your CSV into the prompt
  3. Hit “Generate” and review the output
  4. Ask the AI to make any changes you deem necessary
  5. Validate the major findings

You are an expert data analyst for credit unions that excels at extracting valuable insights from raw data and communicating those insights in a clear, concise way that any business user can understand.

Analyze the attached CSV data and generate a report that summarizes the key insights and takeaways. Tailor the report for a non-technical business audience. Include data visualizations if helpful to convey the insights.

In your ouput, cover the following:
• Visualize and report on key trends and patterns in the data
• Report any notable outliers or anomalies
• Report any relevant summary statistics
• Report any insights that would be valuable from a business perspective
• Provide recommendations or potential actions based on the data

Looking for real world use-cases of AI for your credit union? Use our free: AI Prompt Library For Credit Unions


One simplified GenAI concept per week to build your AI Acumen

10 Questions Credit Union Execs Should Answer to Drive Responsible, Effective AI

As a credit union executive, it's crucial to ensure your approach to leveraging the potential of AI is both responsible and effective. Here are the 10 key questions every CU executive must answer:

  1. What are our AI goals? Clearly define what you hope to achieve with AI. Better member services? Streamlined operations? Enhanced security? Then develop a plan to measure progress towards those goals.
  2. How will AI align with our mission? Ensure AI initiatives support your credit union's core values and member-centric mission.
  3. What data do we have? Wow is it protected and organized? Evaluate the quality, accessibility and security of your data. Data is your fuel—keep it safe, clean, and available.
  4. Which AI applications will benefit us most? Identify the high-impact/low-risk areas to implement AI first. Member engagement systems? Fraud detection?
  5. What's our AI risk management plan? Develop strategies to identify and mitigate potential risks. Keeping a human in the loop is critical.
  6. How will we handle data privacy? Implement strict policies to protect member data privacy. What data will be accessible by the AI? What data will not be accessible?
  7. Do we have the right talent and resources? Assess if your team has the skills and tools needed for AI success. Training and hiring might be necessary steps.
  8. What partnerships should we form? Collaborate with reputable AI providers and other credit unions to leverage shared expertise and resources.
  9. How will we measure success? Set clear metrics to track the performance and impact of your AI initiatives.
  10. Are we prepared for ongoing learning? AI evolves rapidly. Commit to continuous education and adaptation to stay ahead.

Navigating AI might seem daunting, but answering these questions can set you on a path to transformative growth.

Need help? We’re here to support you! AviaryAI’s expert teams have deep domain experience in implementing impactful and ethical AI solutions for credit unions. Learn more by going to or simply respond to this email.



Embeddings can be thought of as a way to represent words as numbers so that a computer can understand and work with them. Imagine each word in a language being turned into a unique point in a very high-dimensional space, like coordinates on a super complex graph.This allows AI models to generate coherent text because they understand the context and relationship between words based on their positions in this space. Think of it like a map where words with similar meanings are close together, helping the AI find its way through language.


The latest news at the intersection of GenAI and Finance

LLMs Analyze Financial Statements Better Than Humans

A recent study from the University of Chicago posits that OpenAI's GPT-4 outshines human analysts in reviewing financial statements and forecasting earnings growth. 

Using a technique called "chain-of-thought" prompting, GPT-4 achieved a 60% accuracy rate in predicting future earnings, surpassing the typical 53-57% range of human analysts. The study indicates that the AI’s method of analyzing data, identifying trends, and computing ratios closely mimics human reasoning. However, some experts remain cautious, arguing that the benchmark models used for comparison were outdated, and emphasizing the irreplaceable value of human intuition and experience in financial analysis.

Despite the criticisms, the researchers remain hopeful about the role of AI in finance. They believe that GPT-4’s vast knowledge base and reasoning capabilities can complement human analysts by enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in financial decision-making. The study hints at a future where AI tools like LLMs assist rather than replace human experts, encouraging new workflows and better-informed financial decisions.

So What?
This study underscores the transformative potential of AI in financial analysis. Credit unions who implement these tools could significantly boost the accuracy and efficiency of their financial forecasting processes. This doesn't mean replacing human analysts but empowering them with advanced tools to make better-informed decisions and ultimately enhancing member services.

Read the full story here

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