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Edition 8: Major Milestones in AI

May 12 - 18: One of the BIGGEST weeks in AI yet with the industry-changing GPT-4o and updates to Gemini 1.5 Pro. Plus learn how credit unions can train their internal AI champions and why the AI market is expect to grow $684B in just 6 years.

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This week you’ll learn:

  • Why GPT-4o just changed the AI industry
  • The most exciting news from Google’s developer conference Google I/O
  • The newest AI-wearable: Earbuds
  • How to train your credit union’s AI Champion
  • Latest Research: AI market projected to grow $684B in 6 years

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The coolest things we're watching and why you should care

GPT-4o: OpenAI’s Next Big Leap

OpenAI unveiled GPT-4o, an advanced AI model integrating text, vision, and audio processing. It’s faster, cheaper, and packed with new features, setting new benchmarks for performance.

Key Improvements:

  • Cost Efficiency: 50% cheaper to use, making high-performance AI more accessible.
  • Speed: 2x faster generation speed improves responsiveness and productivity.
  • Real-Time Voice Capabilities: Provides real-time responses and emotion detection for improved member interactions.
  • Multimodal Integration: Combines text, vision, and audio for comprehensive data analysis and richer user experiences.

So what? GPT-4o's advancements democratize cutting-edge AI. Increases in speed, efficiency, and affordability could give credit unions, along with most industries, an unparalleled step to AI-enabled productivity.

Read the full story here.

Google’s Ambitious AI Announcements: Gemini and Beyond

Google has revealed impressive updates at its I/O Developer’s Conference, enhancing its Gemini model family and introducing new video generation capabilities. The Gemini 1.5 Pro now handles massive data and multimedia with improved context understanding, while the new video model, Veo, sets the stage for high-quality video generation from simple prompts. See more details here.

Exciting Changes:

  • Expanded Context Window: Gemini 1.5 Pro's massive 2M token context window for analyzing documents, videos, and more.
  • Customization: Gemini Advanced subscribers can create personalized AI personas, or 'Gems,' from simple text descriptions.
  • Efficient Models: Gemini 1.5 Flash offers speed and efficiency with a 1M token context window.
  • Rich Media Generation: Veo generates high-res 1080p videos from text, helping create engaging member content.

So what? For credit unions, Google's advances can streamline operations like document processing, fraud detection, and member engagement through rich media.

Read the full story here.

Meta's AI-Assisted Earbuds Might Just Be the Future

Meta is exploring AI-driven earbuds with built-in cameras, aiming to provide real-time information based on your surroundings. Imagine receiving instant translations of signs or visual cues from your environment straight into your ear.

So what? These AI-enhanced earbuds could revolutionize member interaction and service for credit unions. Staff equipped with such technology can offer personalized support and quicker responses to member inquiries, driving better service experiences.

Read the full story here.


Boost your efficiency with these easy to follow templates 

Generate Highly Engaging Social Media Hooks

How to use this prompt:

  1. Copy and paste the template below into a generative AI model (ChatGPT, Gemini, etc.)
  2. Replace the [Insert x] with the recommended content
  3. Do not edit the content within the "{}" brackets.
  4. Hit “Generate” and review the output
  5. Ask the AI to make any changes you deem necessary
  6. Enjoy the time you’ve saved!

You are an experienced credit union marketing professional and copywriter with a proven track record of crafting highly engaging social media posts that stop the scroll and drive engagement with your target audience of credit union members and prospects.

Your task is to create 8-12 compelling hook options that spark curiosity, evoke emotion, and compel readers to want to learn more about the credit union's products, services, mission and values.

Here is the post or topic to promote:
[Input description of credit union social media post or marketing topic]
Apply proven copywriting techniques to powerfully convey the key messages:
• Ask thought-provoking questions
• Make bold claims or contrarian statements
• Share surprising statistics or little-known facts
• Open story loops that create anticipation
• Use pattern interrupts to capture attention

• Keep each hook under 250 characters so it's visible in the LinkedIn feed
• Avoid industry jargon and complex language; use simple, everyday words
• Be bold and intriguing without being salesy, spammy or inauthentic
• Minimize use of all caps, emojis, and excessive punctuation
• Focus on sparking genuine curiosity, anticipation and emotional resonance

Style Guide:
• Use clear, straightforward language at an 8th-grade reading level
• Keep tone warm, relatable and professional, but not stuffy or overbearing
• Avoid adverbs, passive voice, and unsubstantiated superlatives
• Use emojis and punctuation sparingly and purposefully


Looking for real world use-cases of AI for your credit union? Use our free: AI Prompt Library For Credit Unions


One simplified GenAI concept per week to build your AI Acumen

Building an Internal AI Champion

As credit unions increasingly look to artificial intelligence (AI) to drive efficiency and better serve members, many are designating internal "AI champions" to spearhead exploration. Rather than building AI solutions outright, these champions investigate impactful applications of existing tools.

If you're looking to elevate an internal AI champion, here are key areas to develop:

Building a Strong Foundation

Focus first on understanding AI concepts and applications vs technical details. Have champions use AI itself to research AI:

Employ smart content tools like ChatPDF or Claude to explain research papers on AI innovations and their potential business impact in plain terms
Explore AI use cases across industries to gain a holistic perspective on real-world implementations

Hands-On with AI Products

Have your champion get familiar with major AI players like Google, Microsoft and IBM. But also explore offerings from smaller, specialized firms tailored to credit unions' needs.

Examining Your Tech Stack

Audit your current technology stack to uncover existing AI capabilities you can leverage before pursuing new solutions. Assess how vendors are using your data to power AI to determine what applications may be most impactful.

The key for new AI champions is focusing less on AI theory, and more on practical applications relevant to your credit union. With the right knowledge foundation and hands-on experience, your champion will be equipped to lead targeted AI adoption that drives member value.


Unstructured Data

Refers to a mix of different data types that are stored in their original formats. This includes images, audio files, videos, word documents, emails, spreadsheets, and more. Large Language Models can utilize both structured and unstructured data to enhance their knowledge base.


The latest news at the intersection of GenAI and Finance

AI Market Projected to Grow $684B in 6 Years

From controlling our heating with smart thermostats to turning on the oven via voice assistants like Alexa or Siri, AI is already deeply woven into our daily lives. A new study from Japan’s Ochanomizu and the UK’s University of Oxford says that by 2033, robots will handle almost 40% of our housework, notably with AI expected to handle up to 60% of our groceries. While AI is unlikely to take over more sensitive tasks like childcare, the increase in automation can significantly free up our time.

The study reveals that AI’s growing role in everyday tasks, like grocery shopping, is part of a much broader economic forecast. AI's market size, estimated at $184 billion in 2024, is projected to skyrocket to $826 billion by 2030. This revolution will heavily influence how we manage our homes and daily routines, from using AI for shopping to employing digital assistants for myriad applications.

So what? That explosive market growth isn't just a number—it's a wake-up call. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about crafting a seamless, worry-free experience. By leveraging AI, your credit union can offer ultra-personalized financial planning, anticipate member needs before they arise, and create an intuitive, almost magical banking experience that keeps members engaged and loyal. Your credit union could become "the Mabel" for your members' financial lives, always working quietly and effectively in the background.

Read the full story here.

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