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Edition 3: Google's AI for Video Presentations

April 7 - 13: Will AI generated videos replace your board presentation? How can credit unions introduce AI to their members? Plus, learn how to protect your members from the latest AI-powered scam. All this and more in edition 3 of the AviaryAI Newsletter.

Welcome to the AviaryAI Newsletter!

Thanks for joining us as we explore the intersection of GenAI and finance with practical learnings and the latest relevant insights. Let’s get started.

This week you’ll learn:

  • Why Google’s latest AI feature, “Vids” could soon replace presentations
  • How to communicate about AI with your members
  • Why ChatGPTs latest update is a big deal
  • How scammers are using GenAI (and how to protect your customers)
  • How GenAI is addressing climate change

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The coolest things we're watching and why you should care
Showcase of new AI workspace app, "Vids", with an experience similar to creating a presentation with the final product being a video. Image: Google.

Google Suite has a new app: AI-powered "Vids"
Google will soon be launching Vids, a new app designed to make creating work-related videos as simple as making a slide presentation. You can even ask the AI to make the video for you. This tool allows for easy video editing, integration with other Google apps, and collaborative features for team input. Learn more about the new app here.
So what? For credit union executives, Vids offers a streamlined way to enhance communication by transforming complex information into easy-to-digest videos. This could boost productivity and member engagement by making messages clearer and more engaging.

OpenAI reclaims the crown of best performing AI model
The recently updated version of GPT-4 Turbo ranking higher than Claude 3 Opus model (previous #1) on most benchmarks. OpenAI announced this as a “majorly improved” version improving across writing, math, logical reasoning, and coding. Learn more about this model here.
So what? The enhanced capabilities of GPT-4 Turbo, is yet another signal of AI’s rapid pace of improvement driving even more value to its adopters. Credit union’s who prioritize AI literacy and exploration in their own organization will have the best chances of passing on AI’s value to members.

GenAI is now a tool to combat climate change.
Or at least predict it better. Nvidia is using a generative AI model “CorrDiff” to help governments and meteorologists create richer and more detailed simulations than ever. With 12.5 time higher resolutions images, 1000x faster and 3000x more energy efficient than existing solutions. Read the full story here.
So what? This faster and extremely accurate model aims to help countries detect extreme whether events earlier meaning citizens can be evacuated quicker. For credit unions, a more precise model means enhanced risk assessment which could lead to better pricing for institutions and members alike.


Boost your efficiency with these easy to follow templates 

Generate Productive Meeting Agendas

How to use this prompt:

  1. Copy and paste the template below into a generative AI model (ChatGPT, Gemini, etc.)
  2. Replace the [Insert x] with the recommended content
  3. Hit “Generate” and review the output
  4. Ask the AI to make any changes you deem necessary
  5. Enjoy the time you’ve saved!

You are a credit union executive with decades of experience managing tight, productive meetings with your credit union's executive team.

Generate a meeting agenda for your credit union's executive team meeting.

The agenda should include the following sections in this format:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes.
  4. Old Business
    • [Insert old business topic and name of associated team member]
    • [Insert old business topic and name of associated team member]
    • [Insert old business topic and name of associated team member]
  5. New Business
    • [Insert new business topic and name of associated team member]
    • [Insert new business topic and name of associated team member]
    • [Insert new business topic and name of associated team member]
  6. Open Discussion (include space for executive team members to raise any other discussion topics not covered)
  7. Review of Action Items (summarize key decisions made and action items assigned during the meeting including who is responsible and due dates)
  8. Next Meeting Date and Time
  9. Meeting Adjourned

The meeting agenda should be no more than 1 pages using a professional format. Ensure each agenda item has a brief description, name of associated person, and time allotted.

**Use the following agenda examples to assist you:
[Insert example agenda’s here. If you have none, delete this text]


**If you have examples of agenda’s you or your team find particularly effective, you can copy and paste these here. If not, delete everything after: **.


One simplified GenAI concept per week to build your AI Acumen

How Credit Unions Can Introduce AI to Customers

As credit unions increasingly adopt AI technologies, proactive communication and transparency will be key to maintaining member trust.

Answering these questions can help you get started:

🟢 Lead with member value
⤷ What benefits is the AI intended to provide members?
⤷ Detail specific use cases and projections.

🟢 Prioritize Safety and Security
⤷ What member data will the AI have access to and why?
⤷ What data will it NOT have access to?
⤷ What parties are involved? How do they interact with your members’ data?

🟢 Discuss Ethics
⤷ What human oversight is in place?
⤷ How will the AI be monitored?
⤷ What tests and procedures are in place to ensure fair outcomes?

🟢 Demystify AI
⤷ How is the AI being developed and trained?
⤷ What resources can you provide to simplify and illustrate your strategy?
⤷ How does the AI impact day-to-day operations?
⤷ What testing and evaluation is the AI undergoing? What were the results?

🟢 Make it interactive
⤷ How can members ask questions, provide input, or lodge complaints?
⤷ How will you notify members if significant changes to the AI or the data it accesses?

Member trust is earned through dialogue, not silence.



Think of parameters in an LLM like dials on a radio. Tweaking them changes things like volume (how much info it uses), tuning (what info it focuses on), and even style (creative vs. factual). The more dials, the more ways to fine-tune the LLM's performance, the more “accurate” of an output you’ll get.


The latest news at the intersection of GenAI and Finance

GenAI-Powered Scam Gaining Ground

Image: imagina/Getty

Generative AI is a powerful tool and, like any tool, is not inherently bad. However it can be misused by bad actors for nefarious purposes. At AviaryAI, our goal is to educate you so you can educate your customers about how this tech is being used by scammers and how to protect yourself.

According to Visa's Biannual Threats Report, scammers are increasingly using GenAI to create more convincing and sophisticated attacks targeting consumers. One such scam, known as "pig-butchering," involves the scammer messaging consumers through social media or text in an effort to spark a relationship. The scammer uses AI generated responses to sound natural and convincing, causing the victim to develop a false sense of security. Over time, the scammers then lure their targets into investing in non-existent crypto companies and stealing the original “investment” without the consumer realizing.

To keep yourself safe from GenAI-powered scams, it's important to stay alert and be careful when talking to strangers online or texting unknown phone numbers, especially when money is involved. The biggest red flag for this scam is when a stranger, or “new friend” you’ve never met in person before, pressures you to invest in a company or app you’ve never heard of.

Read the full story here.

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